Saturday, July 23, 2016


{In the|On the|With the} mention of Network Advertising business lots of Nigerians flee. Their running away could be {because of this|therefore} of bad {activities|experience} or incorrect information and mis-information about the business.

I will be sharing in this thread 5 REASONS Nigerians missed in the Network marketing business and how {it's the|is it doesn't} best investment you can ever put your money into in life.
1. Network Marketing {is about|is focused on|is centered on} HAWKING DRUGS:
2. {They will|That they} tried selling to Nigerians who are not {Wellness|Well being|Overall health} Conscious but Wealth Mindful
3. They acquire Network Companies with limited range of products
4. {They will|That they} don't work as a team. {Most people are|Many people are|Everybody is} working {individually|separately|on their own} and selfishly striving to outdo {one another|the other person}
5. {They will|That they} partner with {Multilevel marketing |Multi-level marketing|Multi level marketing} {Organization|Business|Firm} with big but {superficial|short|low} reward schemes


1 ) Network Marketing is all about HAWKING DRUGS: Reach 07033625106 Network Marketing is {far|a long way away} from anything like {offering|providing|advertising} or hawking drugs. Nigerians who started this business succeeded on a wrong note. {I suppose|I assume|Perhaps} they {began|started out} the way they {do|performed|would} based on our get rich quick mentality and {limited time|small amount of time|short period of time} perspectives in planning. {Home business is|Network marketing is} not about {selling and buying|investing|exchanging} products, because selling products {will never|is not going to|will not likely} get you {wealthy|abundant}, as the profit {perimeter is|border is} low. NETWORK ADVERTISING IS ALL ABOUT THE SOCIAL CAPITAL- WHAT {IS USUALLY|IS DEFINITELY|CAN BE} SOCIAL CAPITAL AND WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOURS:
SOCIAL CAPITAL is {the cash|the amount of money|the bucks} that exist in the pockets of your social circle, the question is, {what should you do|where do you turn} with that money? Do you {men|fellas|folks} just go clubbing or {going out|chilling out} in joints or {cigarette smoking|using tobacco}? Network Marketing {funnel|control|use} the power of your social capital to provide {a great|an excellent} PLAN B stream of income for you. Network Marketing helps you and your Social group to work together to build {a lot of money|a lot} you can enjoy at a later age.
Network Marketing {Organization|Business|Firm} according to Harvard Organization school should produce {broad variety of|a comprehensive portfolio of} repetitive ordered products, so for those of us that has been {deceived|deceive|trick} the business is about drugs, be better {knowledgeable|educated|up to date}. Most of those products that looks like drugs are actually foods {pressurized|squeezed|folded} into tablets, caplet, {pills|tablets|supplements} and syrups as the case may be. {Thus|As a result} what {almost all of} {these items|the products} do is to supplement the nutrients that are either absent or deficient in the food we {take in|ingest}.
In Conclusion, for those that want to {endeavor|opportunity|enterprise} into marketing, the good thing is that a good Network Marketing {Organization|Business|Firm} will not:
1. {Inquire|Request|Question} you to be hawking products
2. {Will never be|Are not} producing one range of products only
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