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 Mlm network marketing have become a large industry in the whole world although the industry seen not to be visible to many but those who understand it knows the industry have grown so wide that if your not in it you must be missing a lot.

The DSA reports that there are over 13 million people in the U.S involved in direct network marketing business, the fact is that they are every where even in your family and neighborhood, is a business in which ordinary  people can invest a small sum of money and rise to staggering levels of financial reward and personal freedom that sounds great isn’t it?. Every day so many people must go to work in which their employer will take their time to build his or her own future and the employee will continue to work like a slave against his own wish because he need a little paycheck.

But in mlm network marketing we help each other to build our future and make sells as quick as possible, we get paid for bringing more people and making a sale which keep accumulating over time and by the time you realize it you have make a lot of money for your self and for your family.

Is just like the way your employer take your time and your effort, in network marketing your take peoples time. Let me explained.

For example let take alook at a typical employer in an industry with let say 300 employees with a work rate of  $80 per hour, the aim of the employer is to keep each person busy through out the whole hours paid right, Out of this once all the costs of doing business are factored in such as wages paid, health insurance, unemployment insurance, federal taxes, state taxes, all taxes, permits, maintenance, housekeeping, the list just goes on and on. The employer may get to keep 5 to 10 dollars per hour of that labor rate and you can do the maths by yourself and know how much he is making from each person per month.

But In Network Marketing, we have our initial start up costs anywhere from just a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Where most network marketers fail is they feel that they don’t need a marketing budget for advertising, they don’t seek out the education required to succeed and they become lackadaisical in their business forgetting that they are in a real business just that you no longer have boss that will hold you accountable so you should hold yourself accountable, knowing that failure to do it right your going to witness a failure in your business.
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Your primary task will be to gathering customers for your products or services. To help and assist others get started in their own business partnered with you. You are looking at a business model that will take up to 2 to 4 years to produce the kind of results you’re looking for, at this starting point you should not give up your daily job but set aside 4 to 6 hours every week for your network marking this will require a marketing budget so that you can follow through, until it get to stage where you will quit your work by now your effort is paying off

Finally remember that this not a get rich quick scheme although it have been exaggerated by other marketers in the system, advertising your network is basically spread by word of mouth and other adverting means, but you spreading it with word of mouth to your friends will prove effective in distance time, when you hang out with friends let them  know what your into, when you went to cinema hall talk about it tell them how good you found network marketing,knowing that so many advertising agency depend on this method so you get paid by your word of mouth .

As a network marketer your going to entertain questions like “will sell product ?“ the answer depend on your network marketing company, you should know whether your company sell product which should be of course yes ,though some network marketing company doesn’t sell any product but render service for instance meridian life support foundation render free medical services, free skill acquisition and leadership training program me once you become one of their member, you don’t necessary network, you only network if you want to make money through that means.

So  we as a network marketer different? We recommend products or services that we like and personally use. If we know it’s good and personally use it, recommending it to our friends and family is very easy but recommending what you don’t use will be very difficult for you and may show during your conversation with your costumers. Among all mlm netwok marketing I have been into meridian life support foundation is at the for front. I show you how.


How the system Works

When you obtain our passport that will take you from where you are to where you deserve to be with $20 (N4,000), you are in line to be empowered through our services. With this passport, we will touch your life and make a difference in it.

Because it is our vision to train, dignify, respect and empower people globally with specialized skills and entrepreneurial IQ, members are expected to introduce at least 2 persons to the opportunities we provide and they stand to benefit from our exceptional compensation plan.

Our compensation plan is built upon the highly profitable binary marketing system which is meant to put residual income into your pocket as each new member in your link meets you at any rank. No doubt, this is a cash flow system. You don’t need to wait for a level to fill up before you receive your money, but you receive it immediately every single person comes to join you. And whenever you complete a rank, you are rewarded with great BONUS.
Our membership rankings are as follows:

Rank 1 – Feeder
Rank 2 – Bronze – STAGE 1
Rank 3 – Gold – STAGE 2
Rank 4 – Diamond – STAGE 3
Rank 5 – Executive Diamond – STAGE 4
Rank 6 – Infinity – STAGE


At your feeder matrix you are required to refer persons with your referral link. Each referral you make earns you 20% of your investment $4 (N800). Upon 2 or 6 referrals from you, you make 40% or 120% of your investment respectively and you are rewarded with additional $10 (N2,000) when the matrix is completed. Then you move to the next rank.


As six (6) members in your link complete their feeder matrix, they follow you down to the bronze matrix. As each of them step out to join you, you receive a step out bonus of $10 (N2,000) instantly without waiting for the level to be filled. As each of them keep stepping out to join you, so you keep receiving $10 (N2,000) on each. You end up receiving a total of $140 (N28,000) as you complete this membership rank and you are also rewarded with a bonus of $100 (N20,000). In addition, you will be awarded with a 5” Android phone. Then, simultaneously on completing this rank you move on to our next membership rank.


As a gold member, your down link members are still following you. When any of them steps out from bronze to join you in the gold matrix, you will receive a $25 (N5,000) as step out bonus. You will end up receiving a total of $350 (N70,000) when you complete this matrix and you will be rewarded with a matrix bonus of $250 (N50,000). In addition, you will be rewarded with an Ipad or Tablet PC or laptop. Simultaneously upon completing this rank you are moved to the next rank.


Your step out bonuses continues to drop to your purse as your down link members joins you in diamond. You would have received a total of $420 (N84,000) by the time this rank is completed. And you are automatically moved to executive diamond stage. In addition to a total of $420 (N84,000) you will get a brand new Hyundai Car worth $20,000 (N4 million) as an award of excellence, a $2,500 (N500,000) matrix bonus and you will be rewarded with one week exotic holiday in Dubai.


At your executive diamond matrix, your step out bonus is $100 (N20,000) on each member that joins you. Upon completing this rank, you will simultaneously move to Infinity stage. In addition to the total of $1400 (N280,000) step out bonuses you must have received upon completing this rank, you will be rewarded with $3000 (N600,000) matrix bonus and you will be awarded with a Hyundai Jeep worth $25,000 (N5 million)


This is the highest rank attainable in our organization. Like its name indicates, it simply means that as an infinity member, you will keep earning a step out bonus of $5000 (N1 million) whenever your downlink members joins you  at infinity.

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